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New site design for 2016

Hello guys ,

It’s been a while since my last blog post in this site ( somewhere around 2014 ) , and this time I finally decided to change the look of my site for this year. For those who were wondering what I used in developing it >

Logo  , site graphics & web mockup – Adobe Fireworks. It’s still a good program  for screen and web design. Fireworks is like a vector and bitmap editing hybrid , but I’m afraid that future versions of either Windows or Mac won’t support it.

CMS – WordPress. There are other content management systems available out there but  majority of developers prefer wordpress. It’s easy to install and has a lot of 3rd party support , themes , plugins and etc.

WordPress commercial theme – Enfold.  I have used Enfold way back 2013 during the early stages of the theme and they keep on adding additional features that no other theme offers. Check the other Enfold demos to see the theme on different web scenarios. I made some custom css changes and created a child theme for this site. Customising the theme is easy using the built in visual editor and theme options.

Looking back on the different versions of the site over the years, the site also adapted to the current trend in web development. There was a time when creating a website required notepad or Adobe Dreamweaver , the  Adobe Flash years ( r.i.p) , then to content management systems like WordPress. Gone were the heavy use of graphics on websites , and emphasis nowadays is on clean and functional design. So with the Enfold theme , it just took some tweaking in the theme options , add pictures or your own graphics , modify some code and there you have it, a website that works =)

Since I rebuilt the site from scratch , I also decided to get rid of the old content that made this website popular. Adobe Fireworks tutorials. It was nice creating tutorials for different design techniques and get your work appreciated by the web community but this new site version needed some upgrades so it had to go. As for making design tutorials or even tips in Adobe Fireworks , I’m considering using youtube to make the tutorials. You can view some of my old tutorials my youtube channel here.

I hope you also view my recent works in my portfolio , and if ever you need my design skills or you know someone who does. Just send them a link of my website and I’ll wait for their response.

Thank you


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