Rainmeter Skin Lesser

Lesser – Rainmeter Skin

Introducing Lesser , my first created rainmeter skin. For those who are unfamiliar with the application called rainmeter , it’s sort of like the old windows widgets but more advanced since you can put a clock , custom icons , cpu  information and other unique features. If you like to apply a personal approach to your windows desktop that is not in the windows settings then I recommend using this application.

Lesser is a test skin that I created just by reading the official rainmeter site tutorials https://www.rainmeter.net/ .  There are some few issues with the skin but I’m planning to either improve this skin ( if this gets popular ) or create a new skin which is more functional.

It has the following features


  1. Original wallpaper designed in Adobe Fireworks
  2. 5 Application icons that go to your important windows settings , graphics or your drawing app , downloads , favorites or documents , drive explorer and lastly the control panel. If there are problems with the path or you wish to change the behavior of the icon to let’s say open to another application rather than the windows control panel , you can simply edit the file and replace it with your custom path. There’s also a hover image on each icon which changes when the cursor is in the clickable area of the icon.
  3. Date and clock.


You can download the skin file in my deviantart page.

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